Wednesday, June 3, 2009


One might percieve consciousness as a metaphor for light – a candle flame, the lightbulb, the Sun. It's really the other way around. Physical light—the candle flame (a tongue of fire,) the light bulb, and the emination from the Sun is the expression and result of consciousness and awareness.

The first time this dawned on me, We burst, Cause contrasting Effect, and the Cosmos sprang into being. Remember?

Funny, that at the beginning, there was such division and separation—a splitting first. Wouldn't it seem more logical that the initial steps of Creation would involve more “gathering” and “putting together?” But that was not the case. And remains so.

Our cells have always followed after this kind of pattern. (Anything less than a cell is not life, and cells do not merge to grow, but tear.)

So then, why fear Darkness? It is the arena for Light.

Why resist silence? It is the space for sound, and voices, and music. Your name.

And Stillness? It is required for the Dance.

What of Lack? It is the Cup that is filled to overflowing.

Why fear the Valley of the Shadow of Death? It is Life.

--Marty Kummetz (firescarecrow)

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