Tuesday, June 9, 2009

smithereens (formerly the Word)

the angels softly gathered winged self

together around God

ten thousand rustles whisper an idea

“teach me of heaven”

God smiling thought “hear the parable of”

then stopped

God laughing said “not hear”


creating “earth and Us”

--Marty Kummetz

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Sun sees no shadows

Dear Jack,

My answer to your question of last night—Did God fire Adam, or did Adam fire God?

The Sun sees no shadows

This is the concealment.

That who I think I am is who I really am, that I am Marty. But the Truth is who I really am extends beyond Marty, joining with who you really are, extending beyond Jack.

That joining is God. We are God.

Jack is just a kernel of who you are. As is Marty.

Again, we are God—poured into so many unique vessels to overflowing; these vessels, without which God could have no knowledge of Creation, or Form.

The forgetting of this (concealment,) is called sin, and death.

The unveiling, the revealing of truth, the Awakening, is Resurrection, Salvation and Reunion with God.

The continuous Forgetting and Awakening to Truth is what harnesses the energy of Living and is the point and purpose of existence.

It is the Breath of God.

So, my answer to the question of who fired whom is that is was something of a mutual parting of ways, (for the sole purpose of meeting up again,) for God and Adam, (Us,) are One.

As an afterthought: what is Adam and Eve?

Here is an illustration. The Earth seen from space, with its light side and dark side. (One could also picture the symbol of the Tao.) The apparent duality in the light/dark side of the Earth is somewhat misleading, for there are not two opposing forces at work. The Sun shines upon Earth creating its light side, yet, there is no “Dark Source” shining on the Earth to create its dark side. Evil is an illusion, though a persuasive one at that, leading to truly evil thoughts, words and deeds-which are no illusion.

Our seemingly dual nature is not really dual after all. (And there really is no such thing as Good vs. Evil.) There is no evil force to contend with. There is only Light, Life, Awareness (Love,) or the absence of it.

AdamEve has nothing to to with the sexes, gender, man and woman (especially as a basis for the notion of superiority of man over woman.)

AdamEve is the Whole Being. The Prime unit of Life. (Prime number?)

The single cell.

So, what is it to eat of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil?

Knowledge = Experience. (Thus the term Carnal knowledge for intercourse, the most intimate experience we can have with flesh. The term is not used to be “delicate.”)

To experience Good, (all that really is,) it is required to experience what it is not also.

To not eat of the The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is to have no experience of either.

The Sun sees no Shadows. It has no realization of it's own Light, and only its own light is reflected back to it. The absolute experience renders no experience.

Poor women, so often taking the blame for the great fall. But consider, if AdamEve is not about gender, but the Whole Being, then who exactly did the subtle serpent approach?

Jesus contrasted evil with single (with respect to our eye, a tool we use for perception—directed outward, yet drawing inward.)

The serpent, (Ego/The False self,) arose and came to us, not when we were present, but when we were not present; not whole; not single. But when we were sleeping. Far off, away. Not now.

So, what does this mean? I hope that it implies a difference between guilt and regret and repentence and responsibility. For, in consciousness—Light, Life, which is Love and Christ (in the beginning was the Word--”Let there be Light,” and the Word was with God and was God,) are all our thoughts, words and deeds informed. This serves only, for what else is there, but Good.


--Marty Kummetz (firescarecrow)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


One might percieve consciousness as a metaphor for light – a candle flame, the lightbulb, the Sun. It's really the other way around. Physical light—the candle flame (a tongue of fire,) the light bulb, and the emination from the Sun is the expression and result of consciousness and awareness.

The first time this dawned on me, We burst, Cause contrasting Effect, and the Cosmos sprang into being. Remember?

Funny, that at the beginning, there was such division and separation—a splitting first. Wouldn't it seem more logical that the initial steps of Creation would involve more “gathering” and “putting together?” But that was not the case. And remains so.

Our cells have always followed after this kind of pattern. (Anything less than a cell is not life, and cells do not merge to grow, but tear.)

So then, why fear Darkness? It is the arena for Light.

Why resist silence? It is the space for sound, and voices, and music. Your name.

And Stillness? It is required for the Dance.

What of Lack? It is the Cup that is filled to overflowing.

Why fear the Valley of the Shadow of Death? It is Life.

--Marty Kummetz (firescarecrow)