Tuesday, April 14, 2009

FINALE - The Gates of Hell


The Gates of Hell
(no scenery, no actors, no lines, no action)


Dramatis Personae
Playing the role of Ego through the ages:
  • The subtle serpent (Our Iago who planted the first seeds of all Evil-envy & fear.)
  • Pharaoh
  • Judas
  • The Devil, and all aliases
  • Mine enemies which gather round about (beautifully described by Psalmists)
  • Death

Has played the Roles well, and served true purpose: to be overcome. A Phantom, only existing, only “on stage” when the True Self is not present.

Playing the Role of The True Self:

  • The Awake
  • The Alive
  • The Arisen
  • The AdamEve

Playing the Role of Enmity between the Ego and True Self:

  • The Light (aka Life, Love--can be used interchangeably with Attention and Awareness)
  • Christ
  • Savior
  • The Rose, by all other names

Costumes by The World, Flesh and All Else, LLC


Voice: (whispers from behind the psych and teasers)

psst...there's only One of us...remember?

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